Warning after empty drug boxes found in Limavady

Some of the empty 'Diazepam' boxes found in Limavady.
Some of the empty 'Diazepam' boxes found in Limavady.

Residents are being urged to be vigilant in the Gorteen and Coolessan areas of Limavady following the discovery of empty boxes of the controlled drug ‘Diazepam’.

DUP Colr. Alan Robinson said: “A resident contacted me in recent weeks telling me how she frequently finds abandoned boxes pertaining to the prescription drug ‘Diazepam’ in the wider Gorteen area. Having visited the area and carried out a walk through I too found similar boxes. I initially made the police aware, but having highlighted the issue on social media I have been surprised at the numbers of people contacting me to say that they too are finding the identical packaging on a daily basis, with one lady saying that a total of 10 empty boxes were found lying in an alleyway just last week.

“Residents are fearful that whoever is discarding this packaging may inadvertently leave behind a strip of the drug which could fall into the hands of the large population of children who reside in the area. The dangers of the tranquilizing drug used chiefly for anxiety are well documented and I therefore applaud the local community for bringing this to my attention.”

The ‘Journal’ has previously highlighted this www.derryjournal.com/news/warning-after-prescription-drug-boxes-found-strewn-around-limavady-estates-1-6806929 after being contacted by a member of Coolessan Community Association.

Police urge anyone who finds abandoned drugs of any kind, including prescription medication, to contact them immediately to ensure their safe disposal.