Warning for motorists from Inishowen Gardai

Gardai in Inishowen have warned motorists to proceed with care as the cold weather spell continues.

Inspector David Kelly from Buncrana Gardai has renewed his appeal for drivers to only make necessary journeys:

"It has generally been quite quiet throughout the weekend. There was one incident in Inishowen, but thankfully it was just material damage and there was nobody seriously injured. I think generally people are staying in and adhering to our advice."

Inspector Kelly also revealed to the 'Journal' the Gardai are continuing to receive complaints about young people driving carelessly in quads in the Buncrana/North Inishowen area.

"These people are putting themselves as well as other road users at risk and we would appeal to everyone to report any incidents to the Gardai and to their parents. Common sense has to prevail."