Warning of heavier traffic as schools return

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Derry drivers are being urged to prepare for heavier rush hour traffic now schools have started back.

The PSNI’s Head of Road and Armed Support, Superintendent Muir Clark, says it’s vital road users prepare for busier rush hours and heavier traffic on the roads. He also urged parents to warn children about the dangers on the road.

“With thousands of children and young people returning to schools and colleges across Northern Ireland, it is essential that all road users leave greater time for their journey and most importantly, keep an eye out for children on bicycles or on foot, particularly close to schools, junctions and at bus stops.

“Parents should also stress to their children the need for road safety and in particular how to cross the road safely – looking both ways without being distracted by friends, mobile phones or music players.

“Pupils should also only cross where it is safe, preferably at pedestrian crossings,” he says.