Warning of more torrential storms today after flooding hits Derry, Strabane and Donegal

The Met Office has issued a further yellow rain warning for today after persistent heavy rainfall caused flooding across the north west yesterday.

By Brendan McDaid
Sunday, 24th July 2022, 12:37 pm
Some of the flooding in Derry as captured by reader Chris McMonagle.
Some of the flooding in Derry as captured by reader Chris McMonagle.

In scenes not witnessed here since the devastating torrential rain and flooding of August 2017, six people had to be rescued by Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service personnel, five from inside a building and one person from a car during the torrential downpours.

Homes and businesses across the region were impacted. In Derry the Lecky Road, Foyle Road, parts of Culmore and many areas in the Waterside were impacted as drains overflowed and water levels rose making roads impassable.

Some of the most severe flooding was experienced in the Strabane area where flood water entered homes and businesses, causing damage to premises including a pub and a gym. In Inishowen too businesses were reportedly affected and some roads impassable.

NI Water personnel. File picture.

In Derry city centre thousands attending the Foyle Maritime Festival and a concert at Ebrington were forced to find shelter as the storms intensified on Saturday evening and the festival along the quay was shut down early.

NI Water and Roads Service were today working in various areas impacted by the flooding.

The Met Office meanwhile has warned that another stormy day is likely for today, Sunday. "Heavy showers or longer spells of rain with some thunderstorms likely to cause some travel disruption and flooding," the weather body states.

It has warned of potential disruption including flooding of a few homes and businesses is likely, bus and train services probably affected with journey times taking longer, spray and flooding on roads probably making journey times longer and some interruption to power supplies and other services likely.

NI Water stated last night: "We are receiving a high volume of sewerage and flooding issues across NI due to the adverse conditions today. We appreciate your continued patience while we resolve these issues.

"There are several resources across various agencies to assist with rain water/flooding.

"If you are experiencing flooding from a road grate or there is a risk to vehicles /property you can contact: Flood incident Line ( DFI roads) https://crowd.in/QHXeVG 0300 200 0100.

"If you are experiencing issues with sewerage flooding externally/internally through a Manhole.

You can contact us through our website at

https://crowd.in/us1OlN or contacting 0345 744 0088."