Warning over 50p tranquilisers

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Potentially dangerous tranquilisers used to help recreational drug users ‘come down’ are being sold for as little as 50p in Derry.

Declan McLaughlin of Derry drug and alcohol awareness project, Divert says the tranquilisers are a cheap variant on diazepam and are being imported from China.

“The reports we are getting is that these imitation diazepam are having a serious impact on people’s physical and mental health,” he says.

“They are leaving people completely zonked.”

He says people using other drugs, such as mephedrone, are now using the D10s to ease the come down.

“People are taking one, starting to feel better, and think they can take another one - but that only leaves them feeling more depressed.

“They are best left well alone, we do a lot of harm reduction work and always say you are better to prepare for the come down than mix substances.”

He says they are being sold for “as little as 50p.”

Sinn Fein MLA Maeve McLaughlin has also spoken out about D10 use.

“Apparently these drugs can leave you extremely depressed and may be especially addictive,” warned the MLA, who is a member of the Stormont Health Committee.

“Known as D10s these drugs are believed to be some form of diazepam. Reports suggest that these may be widely available in the Derry area.

“People who use mephedrone along with this batch of D10s may substantially increase risks to their health and they should be aware of this.

“Anyone who has taken these drugs should seek emergency help given the severity of some of the reported side effects.”

Anyone who wants further information can contact the Divert Project on 71 269 327.