Warning over Madam’s Bank attacks

A Shantallow councillor has warned that there could be a fatality on the Madam’s Bank Road if attacks on motorists continue.

Sinn Féin councillor Tony Hassan made the comment after an incident on the road on Saturday night when a woman had traffic cones thrown at her car.

Later that evening another car, also driven by a woman, was attacked by stonethrowers and one of its windows was smashed.

Colr. Hassan said; “First on Saturday night we had the incident with the traffic cones, and then later another woman driving along the Madams Bank had the passenger side window in her car smashed by stone throwers in the same area.”

The Sinn Féin representative said both women were left shaken by the attacks.

“I have spoken to both victims of these attacks and it has been very upsetting for them and their families,” he explained.

He added that the number of attacks on the Madam’s Bank Road have increased in recent months, particularly since the upgrading work began on the road several months ago.

Colr Hassan said; “If these attacks continue I fear there will be a fatality. I have been warning over recent months about a number of stoning incidents on vehicles travelling along the Madam’s Bank Road and the dangers this was presenting for drivers and passengers.

“There seems to be a particular problem in the area around the pedestrian crossing close to the former Marian Hall site,” he said.

Colr. Hassan called on the PSNI to deploy additional resources in the area.

“I would urge the police in Derry to put in whatever resources are needed to apprehend the small group involved in these attacks,” he said.