WATCH - 82 year-old man bids farewell to Brandywell dog track with beautiful song

An 82 year-old man from Burt, Co. Donegal has used Facebook to bid an emotional farewell to the greyhound racing track at the Brandywell.

Robert Bonner, who has been battling cancer for several years, has been going to the Brandywell since 1942 and said he hopes to live to see the new greyhound track when it is completed next year.

Robert Bonner pictured with his beloved greyhound 'Skinny Genes'.

Robert Bonner pictured with his beloved greyhound 'Skinny Genes'.

The Brandywell hosted the last greyhound meeting recently and as chance would have it, one of the dogs to win one of the final races was a pup belonging to Robert’s beloved greyhound ‘Skinny Genes’. The pup was called ‘A Perfect Ten’.

In a video posted to Facebook by his daughter, Robert can be seen with his greyhound ‘Skinny Genes’ and he expresses his sadness at the closing of the Brandywell.

However, not a man to dwell on the negatives, Robert proceeds to sing a beautiful version of ‘Lovely Derry On The Banks Of The Foyle’.

“Thank you all. I wish yous all well and God bless,” says Robert at end of the video.