Watch - Derry councillor hails arrival of Ukraine aid on Polish border

Derry councillor Ryan McCready and colleagues have shared a video from Poland after aid collected in the Foyle area arrived there on route to Ukraine.

A significant amount of aid was collected at the YMCA in Drumahoe - one of a number of venues in the NW gathering donations to support people in the war torn country.

This evening, Alderman McCready posted a video on social media showing that the donations had arrived in Poland.

He posted on facebook from Korczowa-Krakovets: “Foyle Aid - Donations arrive safety. D A Miller & Sons Transport Ltd has successfully transported the donations to the border.

Ulster Unionist councillor Ryan McCready.


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“Donations now heading towards Liviv and then onward to Kyiv. Big thanks to every single one of you who have donated, been a collection point, Londonderry YMCA Collection centre, CFC Interiors sorting / packing, VOLUNTEERS.”

The first lorry load of aid set off from Derry last weekend, and Alderman McCready, who trained with members of the Ukrainian army in the past, said then: “After a mammoth cross-community effort, the first lorry load of aid from Foyle YMCA left for Ukraine on Saturday afternoon. I want to thank absolutely everybody who contributed – individuals, businesses, schools and many, many others. It was a herculean effort.

The UUP councillor said he had trained and worked with so many members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and so “I found myself needing to stand up and serve again”. The plan to appeal for donations came from this.

He added before setting off to the Ukraine border: “The next stage in our plan was to sort logistics so I contacted the YMCA to see if they had a secure room to store donations. At this point my own office at Bonds Street was full. The YMCA were fantastic in helping us and becoming an integral part of the plan, not only giving us a room but also now letting us have the hall too.


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“We then contacted DA Miller & Sons (Transport) Ltd in Claudy who are a family run logistics company. Straight away they accepted the challenge and provided a driver, a 40ft lorry and would take care of the complete journey once the lorry was loaded - absolute heroes. W&J Chambers of Drumahoe supplied one tonne bags and even more generously fuelled the lorry for the journey to Poland.

“CFC Interiors in Londonderry have also been great in liaising with the other collection points from around the city such as other political offices to be delivered to the YMCA and be loaded onto our lorry too.

“I am completely overwhelmed with how the whole country has pulled together over the last week, from all communities, offering services or help. It’s amazing what we can achieve when we work together. I would like to thank my team, council colleagues, volunteers, YMCA, DA Miller & Sons (Transport) Ltd, WJ Chambers, MLAs and the biggest stars who donated. When we work together, the plan comes together.

“We are now in the process of arranging a second lorry and are asking people to hold their donations until called forward next week.”