Watch “Derry Detoxed”

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“Derry Detoxed”, a documentary made by local film-maker Gavin Patton, can now be viewed online.

Detox centre campaigner Fionnbarra O’ Dochartaigh says the film gives an insight into why a centre is needed in Derry.

“Hopefully, this hard-hitting insightful film will shock many more people into becoming active within this non-judgemental humanitarian campaign. On line, street-level paper petitions, and Facebook activity has already attracted the endorsement of upwards of 70,000 equally concerned citizens. These include councillors, former mayors, health board officials, local GPs, and key spokespersons from all political parties, who rightly view the issues as affecting us all, regardless of class, creed, gender, ethnic origins or sexual orientation.

He continues: “It looks as if upwards of 70,000 people can be almost totally ignored as there seems to be little movement, especially from politicians, in spite of many private and public expressions of support for such a detox unit. There is now a need to re-mobilize at grass-roots level to increase cross-community efforts, which at the end of the day, can literally save many lives, as well as enhance the daily lot of those unknown numbers whose afflictions need to be remedied as soon as possible, and not swept under the carpet, or put on officialdom’s long-finger”