Watch: Drew Barrymore asked to choose name for Derry mum to be

Missing you already starring Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette
Missing you already starring Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette

A Derry mum to be and Drew Barrymore superfan has asked the Hollywood actress to name her baby if it’s a boy.

Hollywood stars Barrymore and Toni Collete were guests on Absolute Radio last Sunday to promote their new movie Miss You Already when host Andy Bush asked if the Charlie’s Angel star would choose a name for his pal Tara from Derry’s baby.

“If it’s a boy they will stick with what you choose right here,” the presenter told the actress.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ Tara said, “I couldn’t believe it when Andy asked Drew for help. She is my idol, and we have the same birthday, so to have her help choose my unborn baby’s name is great craic.

“We do like the name, and my husband’s grandad, who is 94, has that name so we’re not ruling it out.

“But we aren’t as definite as Andy made out because I do think you need to see the baby before you name him or her so we’re keeping an open mind.”

Talking about the reaction since Tara, who works for Invest NI, said, “It’s been great, but people are convinced that we know what we are having, but we honestly don’t, it will be a complete surprise.”

No matter what though Tara’s son Seth is excited but he thinks his mummy is having a ‘baby dinsosaur!’

Tara concluded, “Thankfully my pregnancy has gone well so far - we’ll let you know what we have and what we name the baby!”

Watch the video to see Drew Barrymore’s name suggestion for Tara’s unborn baby boy.