WATCH - McCann ‘honoured’ at petition set-up to stop him bringing migrants to Derry

Veteran human rights and anti-war campaigner, Eamonn McCann, says when he heard a local woman had set-up a petition to stop him bringing migrants to Derry it made him feel “very honoured”.

McCann was speaking at an anti-war demonstration at the war memorial in the Diamond in Derry on Wednesday evening when he made the remarks.

Local woman, Louise Logan, set-up the petition on last month. The name of the petition is ‘Stop Eamon [sic] McCann from bringing migrant’s [sic] into our town’. The petition currently has just over 800 signatures.

McCann has relentlessly opposed war and violence throughout his life and in the wake of the Syrian migrant crisis has spoke passionately about how local people might welcome refugees to Derry.

“I was very honoured to learn in the last few days that there is an online petition going around,” said McCann.

“Apparently the petition has about 1000 signatures. Apparently it says ‘Stop Eamonn McCann bringing Muslims to Derry’.

“It’s one of the proudest things I have ever had said about me.

“And, I mean, I am not sectarian so it’s not just Muslims - I say Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and anyone else who wants to come because as far as I am concerned they are all welcome. That’s what humanity and decency is all about and that’s what we should be doing.”

Eamonn McCann. Picture by Brian Little

Eamonn McCann. Picture by Brian Little