WATCH: Shocking DERRY flood video viewed 285,000 times

Derry singer-songwriter, Jordan O'Keefe. (Photo: Jordan O'Keefe/Facebook)
Derry singer-songwriter, Jordan O'Keefe. (Photo: Jordan O'Keefe/Facebook)

A shocking video showing the devastation caused by Tuesday's flood in Derry has been watched more 285,000 times online.

The video was recorded and published to Facebook by Derry singer and star of 'Britain's Got Talent', Jordan O'Keefe, on Wednesday.

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In the video, Jordan shows how the flood destroyed three cars at his parents' home in Drumahoe.

A window at the rear of the house had to be smashed so that the family's pet dog could be rescued.

The video captures the reality of the devastation caused by the flood when it battered the North West for several hours on Tuesday.

"Sorry to hear about the homestead Jordan. Disaster please pass on my best to your mum and dad," said on well wisher.

"This shouldn't be happening in this day and age. Something needs done about these so called storm drains. Devastating for everyone who's been affected," added another.

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