Water meetings across Inishowen

Three anti-water charge meetings are to take place in towns across the peninsula in the coming weeks.

The chairperson of Inishowen Right2Water, Philip McFadden, has announced details of the meetings, which will be held in Buncrana, Carndonagh and Moville.

Mr McFadden encouraged local people, “of all political persuasions and none,” to attend and “show your opposition to Irish Water and water charges.”

He said: “Right2Water is the largest campaign group in the history of the State. It has united political parties, independent representatives, trade unions and community groups in one common goal - to defeat water charges.

“Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of Dublin, as well as towns and villages across the state, in unprecedented displays of mass resistance.

“We hope to capture this momentum and continue with the campaign in Inishowen. As such, I would invite all campaign groups and the public in Inishowen to join the discussion as to how to defeat these charges and move our country in a new, fairer direction.”

The public meetings will take place at 8pm in the following locations: Colgan Hall, Carndonagh on 21st May; The Exchange, Buncrana on 28th May and Glencrow Hall, Moville on 5th June.

Meanwhile, the chairperson of another Inishowen-based anti-water charge group recently returned to sender three bills sent to his house by Irish Water

James Quigley of the Buncrana Against Irish Water group said he would not regognise Irish Water.

He added: “I will not sign a contract and I will not be paying them anything. I will not let them install dangerous and unwanted smart meters on my property.

Encouraging others to follow suit, Mr Quigley said his returning of the bills was “a record of my defiance against” the government.”

He added: “This year is the 100th anniversary of the 1916 rising when we are supposed to be celebrating and remembering the generations who have struggled and even died to reclaim independence and ownership of our land.

“Instead it is a year of hardship and struggle against a Government which is intent on handing ownership of all our natural resources to private owners. This government has lied, threatened and have condoned abuse on the Irish public.”