Waterside fire ‘could have killed’

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Vandals who started a fire in an empty house next door to a pensioner and a family with a young baby could have caused death or serious injury, according to a distraught Waterside woman.

Anne Moore has appealed for help to get the house next door to her mother Marie boarded up after months of what she’s described as torture as young people continue to use the property as a drinking den. On Saturday morning, the Fire and Rescue Service were called to the house at Whitethorn Drive in Currynierin after a fire was started inside. “I own the house my mother lives in and we’ve been to every place we can think of to get something done about this,” said Ms Moore.

They approached the Housing Executive, who sent them to the house’s owner but were told by the owner that the house was no longer in their hands “so we don’t know who to go to next.”

Ms Moore continued: “My mother is recovering from a heart attack and I honestly believe someone could have been killed if this fire had spread.

“On the other side of the empty house there’s a family with a young baby and until something is done to stop people gaining entry to it, there’s a risk that something worse could happen, as this fire has shown.”

The Waterside woman continued: “The police have been great and come out everytime we call but they can’t take responsibility for the house. We just want someone to help us and seal off the property before it’s too late. Looking at the smoke damage here, we’re lucky someone wasn’t killed.

“We’re at crisis point with this now, and something needs to be done quickly. That’s all we want. I just want my mother to be able to live in peace.”

Police last night confirmed they are investigating a suspicious fire at the property.