Watery Road is ‘lethal’

Inishowen’s County Councillors have once again called for safety measures to be put in place near the “lethal” ‘Watery Road’ from Burnfoot.

The road leading out of Burnfoot village to the ‘Watery Road,’ which leads to Inch Island, does not have a hard shoulder.

There is also no lighting along that section of the road, meaning visibility can be poor when it is dark.

Speaking at Tuesday’s Inishowen Municipal District meeting in Carndonagh, Councillor Paul Canning asked for a progress report on the possibility of installing measures such as a footpath along the section of road.

He said: “The section is a couple of hundred metres but when there are walkers or cyclists there, traffic moves slowly behind them and can get backed up.

“There is also the safety aspect as well. It needs something there, even if we could widen the hard shoulder.”

Councillor John Ryan agreed stating there “must be something” the Council can do there.

He said: “Councillor Canning described it perfectly. With the new Inch Levels Project now in place too, there is a lot of foot and bicycle traffic.

“When you leave Burnfoot, that particular section of road is lethal dangerous.”

Councillor Ryan said the recent clean-up in the area highlighted the safety aspect.

He said: “It is always one of the most difficult areas to clean - from there until the Rock Head. There is absolutely no room at all.

“On Saturday morning, the amount of traffic coming past there was just unbelievable. The drivers are coming out from the speed restriction in Burnfoot and are then in a rush to get away.”

Councilor Nicholas Crossan pointed out the section was the only one from Derry to Buncrana without a hard shoulder. Area roads engineer Seamus Hopkins said there were “ongoing discussions” in relation to the area.