We can prove we were AssetCo workers

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The 29 employees of the former Buncrana based AssetCo Managed Services (ROI) Ltd have been informed by Administrators of AssetCo London Ltd (now known as Premier FireServe Ltd) that the integral services which they have performed over the past 6 years to London Fire Brigade contract are no longer required. But they say all their legal entitlements have been ‘totally ignored.’

According to spokespersons for the Buncrana workers, the administrators have been instructed by the London Fire Brigade (LFB) to offer the 29 employees, personally and in writing, £55k to be shared between them for vital financial documentation, IT data, Payroll/HR data, and most importantly the methods which were used to manage the 24/7 Fire desk control centre.

The spokesperson said: “All this information will then be presumably given to the third party to assist them in the operating of the London Fire PFI Contract.”

They added: “This payment will not in any way recognise the employment status of ROI employees as AssetCo London Ltd employees. ROI employees are willing to assist LFB and the third party if their employment rights are recognised.

“The UK based contractual employees of Assetco London Ltd are still in employment in London having their continued employment transferred to the new third party responsible for the operation of the London Fire PFI Contract.

“ROI Employees operated 24/7 call centre from which calls were received directly from London Fire Brigade station in relation to maintenance and repairs of London Fleet of vehicles and equipment.

Over the past 18 months ROI based employees have been paid directly from AssetCo London Ltd (Premier FireServe Ltd) bank account and the workers say documentation is available which they believe clearly demonstrate that they are in effect AssetCo London Limited (now known as Premier FireServe Limited) employees and thus when the London Fire PFI contract was ‘novated’ (that is, the transfer of an obligation from one party to another) the employment rights of the ROI employees should have been novated as well.

They concluded: “ROI employees have been denied right to their salary, consultation period, notice pay, redundancy and most importantly their jobs.”