‘We can’t wait to get to Derry’

DERRY HERE WE COME! Dublin's most famous twins Jedward, pictured here during the launch of Jedward and the Beanstalk recently. (120411JC1)
DERRY HERE WE COME! Dublin's most famous twins Jedward, pictured here during the launch of Jedward and the Beanstalk recently. (120411JC1)

Ireland’s wackiest duo, Jedward, will hit Derry like a hurricane later this month, and with an extra date now added at the Millennium Forum, local fans have double the chance to see these terrible twins in action!

Ahead of their Derry gigs on Monday, April 25 and Tuesday, April 26, and representing Ireland at the 56th Eurovision Song Contest, the ‘Journal’ caught up with Dublin brothers John and Edward Grimes as they prepared for their gig in Cork to discuss the finer points of fame, fans and potential Eurovision success.

First on the telephone is an excitable John, who exclaims: “I have to speak to you right now because Edward’s busy getting his hair done!

“We’re really excited about this tour,” he goes on. “It’s called the Bad Behaviour Tour and it’s very fun with twenty songs, it’s a real high energy show!”

Suddenly, there is a commotion down the line and Edward pipes in: “Hi, Edward here, how are you? I’ve just had my hair done and it looks like a cone!”

Edward reveals that the twins’ newfound fame has its downfalls - particularly the attention of their legions of loyal fans.

“It’s really funny, we’re actually staying in a secret location in Cork right now ahead of our gig tonight - we’re hiding from a lot of our fans! Although we do love them all, it can be really full-on at times. They follow us in cars and chase us most places we go and so our driver has a lot of skills and knows all the short cuts to take!”

The Bad Behaviour Tour is the twins’ second, following their hugely successful debut tour following last year’s X Factor. Still sporting their distinctive blonde quiffs, the duo have started a trend throughout both their native country and all over the UK - and their popularity has yet to wane.

Speaking of the pressures of fame, Edward is refreshingly honest.

“We can’t really go into shops anymore and all our family and friends are plagued for autographs, sometimes hundreds at a time!

“Our whole lives have changed and there are always fans waiting for us wherever we go - which is cool because we really love our fans. But they’re also gathering around the house too, and so we’ve just got new blinds at home so people can’t see in our windows!

“But we like being famous, it’s so, cool!”

Next month, the twins will represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“We’re representing Ireland in the Eurovision, singing Lipstick, and it’s going to be huge. The semi-final is on May 12 and then the final is on May 15 and we’re really excited about it all.”

“We’re proud to be represent Ireland, it’s a huge thing for us. We’ve already proved ourselves to everyone and everyone knows that we’re able for it - so now we’re going to put the country back on the map as Number 1!”

The twins revealed that hundreds of Jedward fans are already booked to travel to Düsseldorf for the Eurovision contest.

“There are hundreds travelling over to see us performing, which is cool because it means if we win - they win! As soon as the rumours began about us playing in Düsseldorf, our fans started getting tickets to go, some even got themselves press passes! They’re always the first to know everything!

“When we are going anywhere, there seem to be 100 fans in the airport waving us off too. And they all seem to tell each other where we’re going, so that there is another 100 waiting in the other airport when we touch down.

“So we usually take half each, and chat to them all and get loads of pictures taken. It’s always great fun to chat with them and they like meeting us, so why not?”

With only weeks to go until Jedward touches down on Derry soil, local fans should book their tickets now.

“We can’t wait to get to Derry,” Edward enthuses. “we’ve been there loads of times already and played the Waterfront there.

“Our Derry fans can expect a show even bigger and better than the last one and we can’t wait to get up there and see them all there again!”

Tickets are now available from the Box Office. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult. Telephone: 71. 264455 or visit: www.millenniumforum.co.uk for bookings.