‘We’re fed up of being unemployed’ - say couple heading abroad

Kenny and Patricia Chadwick who are planning on moving to America.
Kenny and Patricia Chadwick who are planning on moving to America.
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A newly married Culdaff couple say they’ve gone from one extreme to the other - earning thousands in the boom to nothing now. Now, like so many others, they say they’ve no option but to upsticks for a better life abroad.

Kenny and Patricia Chadwick from Culdaff told the Journal they don’t want to leave Inishowen but are fed up of feeling like prisoners in their own home because of the lack of work in the area.

Rewind to five years ago, when Kenny, a construction worker doing roofing and plastering, travelled to Cork every Monday morning where he’d work round the clock for six days. He was constantly working and enjoyed a healthy salary earning thousands a month.

Sadly it’s not the same scenario for the Gleneely native. These days Kenny spends his stuck at home time watching TV becoming increasingly ‘frustrated’ at the lack of work out there.

He and his wife Patricia - who was made redundant from her relief cleaning job just last month - are looking into moving to America, where they hope a better life awaits them.

Mr Chadwick told the Journal: “There’s really just nothing here for us anymore so we looking at moving to Maryland in America to see if we can get work out there.

“There’s just nothing here for either of us. It’s like everything else, it’s just a disaster.

“I was in the building trade and I’ve been unemployed this last while - for maybe a couple of years.

“No matter what job I try and do I just hit a brick wall. There’s about 50 to 60 people all applying for the same job as me.

“I’ve just got kind’ve annoyed that everyday is just the same.

“We’re newly married and we’ve no jobs. It’s like everything else we have to go where the work is.

“We feel like we can’t make headway with our lives, we’re just getting by week and week. We’re sitting in the house watching TV and it’s not right, we want to be working.”

Kenny said he’s even took up a first aid course on the evenings because he’s fed up of being stuck inside.

The pair are now waiting to hear back from potential job opportunities in America and information on how to obtain a green card.

Patricia told the Journal it breaks her heart to leave her family, including her 91-year-old grandmother who she helps care for, but said they’ve been left with no choice.