‘We’re sorry Conor,’ say Translink

Conor McGrotty
Conor McGrotty

Translink has apologised to a Limavady wheelchair user who was turned away from a Goldliner bus.

Conor McGrotty was with his brother, Michael, when the embarrassing incident occurred.

The siblings wanted to catch the Derry to Belfast bus in Dungiven on October 20th, but were forced to make alternative travel arrangements.

Conor said the incident left him feeling “humiliated.”

A Translink official has since met with Conor at his home to say ‘sorry.’

“Yes, Translink has apologised. It was the access manager who came to the house. He said ‘sorry’ and at least I know for the next time what to do,” said Conor.

“The apology means a lot to me because it now makes me and other people in my situation aware of what to do.”

Conor still believes Translink needs to change their policy for wheelchair users who, he said, should be treated the same as other passengers.

“I would say to Translink they need to change their policy because you shouldn’t have to ring to organise your bus journey. Wheelchair users should be treated like any other person, and should be able to access the bus at any time.

“I do think they need to review their policy because the seats situated at the wheelchair section of the bus should be removed at all times.”

A Translink spokesperson said its Accessibility Officer recently held a meeting with Conor “to apologise for any inconvenience or distress caused by his experience.”

The spokesperson added: “All of our Goldline vehicles are wheelchair accessible, however, in order that we can accommodate all those wishing to travel, our policy requests that passengers using wheelchairs would contact us 24 hours in advance of making their journey.”

SDLP MLA John Dallat said passengers with disabilities “are not ‘add-ons’.

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