Derry on alert as 'real beast' Hurricane Lorenzo sets sights on Ireland

Derry and the wider North is bracing itself for the possible arrival of Hurricane Lorenzo on Thursday.

Monday, 30th September 2019, 4:33 pm
The track Hurricane Lorenzo is expected to take over the coming days. (Photo: AccuWeather)

Experts will not be able to definitely predict the extent to which Hurricane Lorenzo will impact upon the North and the rest of Ireland until later in the week.

Many experts have said that if there is to be any disruption in the North it will occur on Wednesday and Thursday.

It should also be noted that Lorenzo will no longer be categorised as a hurricane when and if it arrives in here.

Experts believe Hurricane Lorenzo will arrive in Ireland on Thursday during which time it will no longer be a hurricane.

Lorenzo became a category five (the most severe category there is in Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale) at the weekend with winds measuring at 155 miles per hour.

Should Lorenzo impact upon Northern Ireland the aforementioned wind speed will have significantly decreased.

Lorenzo is approximately 2,000 miles away over the Azores in the central Atlantic Ocean.

Met Eireann's Deirdre Lowe said even if Lorenzo does not make landfall, it could still bring stormy conditions to Ireland.

Hurricane Lorenzo is currently out over the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean.

"It could be a problem for Ireland on Thursday alright.

"It's predicted to track to the west of Ireland, so it's not predicted to make landfall - but it still brings the risk of severe winds, possibly stormy conditions and very high seas.

"That track may change, so we are keeping a close eye on it," she added.

Met Office forecaster Steven Keates warned that regardless of hurricane status, Lorenzo will be one of the "strongest ever tropical storms" to hit Europe.

“Lorenzo is a real beast of a storm," said Mr. Keates.

“It will be one of Europe's strongest-ever tropical storms, as the Azores are part of Europe.

“Lorenzo is expected to move to the U.K. by Thursday - bringing a couple of days with potentially worse conditions than this weekend.

“There are scenarios from gales to storm-force 70 mph-plus gusts, but there’s uncertainty.

“Big waves and heavy rain are likely, with the west most likely to be affected.

“Before then, five or six inches of rain will fall between Saturday and Tuesday in the wettest places. It’s clear enough for flooding concerns," added Mr. Keates.