High U.V. radiation expected in Derry

Weather experts are warning people in Derry to take extra care in the sun as high ultraviolet (U.V.) radiation levels are expected in the North West.

The high U.V. levels (six on the U.V. index) in Derry and other parts of the North West are forecast for Wednesday afternoon when the temperature could be more than 20°C.

Weather experts are warning against harmful ultraviolet (U.V.) radiation.

Weather experts are warning against harmful ultraviolet (U.V.) radiation.

The U.V. levels are expected to reach as high as seven on the U.V. Index on Thursday afternoon.

The Met Office also confirmed that the pollen count in the city will be high on both Wednesday and Thursday.

What is U.V. Radiation?

U.V. radiation from the sun can have both positive and negative effects on human health.

A small amount of U.V. radiation is essential in the production of vitamin D, however too much exposure to the sun can have serious effects on your skin and eyes.

It is important not to be caught out by the sun so use our forecast, wear lightweight, light-coloured clothing, spend time in the shade and use a high factor sun cream with good U.V. protection to protect yourself.

Don't forget that U.V. rays from winter sun can actually be more damaging in alpine regions because you absorb both the direct UV rays from the sun and the diffuse UV rays reflected back from snow cover. (Source: metoffice.gov.uk)