Yellow and Orange snow warnings for Derry and Donegal as Storm Eunice approaches

Meteorologists on both sides of the border are warning Storm Eunice may cause disruption in parts of Derry and Donegal with heavy snow and some strong winds a possibility on Friday.

By Kevin Mullan
Thursday, 17th February 2022, 12:34 pm
Updated Thursday, 17th February 2022, 12:36 pm

A Yellow warning for snow is in place for Derry from 3am to 6pm on Friday.

The Met Office have warned 'there is a chance of travel delays on roads, possibly with stranded vehicles and passengers, along with delayed or cancelled rail and air travel; there is a slight chance that some rural communities could be temporarily cut off; there is a small chance that power cuts will occur and other services, such as mobile phone coverage, may be affected,'

An Orange warning for snow is also in place for Donegal. This warning is in place from 3am to 3pm on Friday.

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Snow warnings are in place for Derry and Donegal

Met Éireann have warned 'Storm Eunice will bring heavy sleet and snow leading to blizzard-like conditions in parts with treacherous driving conditions'.

The Irish meteorological office has also issued a nationwide Yellow warning for wind, rain and snow predicting that 'Storm Eunice will track over Ireland on Thursday night and on Friday bringing very strong winds and falls of heavy rain, sleet and snow'.

A Red wind warning has been issued for Cork and Kerry which are expected to bear the brunt of the storm.

In Munster wind speeds are expected to reach 80km/h with gusts in excess 130km/h.

Met Éireann explain: "Red warnings mean weather conditions will be extremely dangerous with a significant threat to life – we’re urging people in these areas not to make unnecessary journeys and follow advice from local authorities and emergency services."

Met Éireann meteorologist Gerry Murphy said: “As well as strong winds, Storm Eunice will bring heavy rain and snow and this will also lead to some challenging conditions. An Orange snow warning is in place for Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo, Mayo and Roscommon until Friday afternoon, with heavy sleet and snow leading to blizzard conditions and treacherous driving conditions.”

"Wind and snow warnings are also in place for Northern Ireland through tomorrow, with red and orange marine warnings in place across all Irish coastal waters with violent storm conditions at sea."

The Met Office suggest much of the snow will be confined to the high ground within the warning areas.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Frank Saunders said: “After the impacts from Storm Dudley for many on Wednesday, Storm Eunice will bring damaging gusts in what could be one of the most impactful storms to affect southern and central parts of the UK for a few years.”