Web users urged to stay within law

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Derry’s Facebookers and tweeters have been reminded to stay within the law when they are online.

Phil Kingsland, site director at knowthenet.org.uk - a site established to educate people about the internet - says many local social networkers may run the risk of becoming an accidental online outlaw.

“In a recent survey we found that only 44% of people were able to correctly identify illegal activities when presented with a range of possible online scenarios.

“This shows a worrying lack of understanding of how the law applies online, particularly amongst younger age groups.

“By becoming more familiar with the law and applying the same common sense online as you would offline, you can have confidence that you won’t end up in trouble for using the internet illegally.”

He says more information and advice on how to stay safe, legal and informed online is available online at www.knowthenet.org.uk

Police say internet users must be aware that “posting inappropriate comments on social media networks could lead to offences of improper use contrary to the Communications Act 2003.”

“We do not monitor Internet sites on a day-to-day basis however we will take appropriate action when we receive complaints of criminal offences that occur within our jurisdiction,” a PSNI spokeswoman says.