Wedding photo - big surprise for some!

Marie Corbett and grandson Corran.
Marie Corbett and grandson Corran.

A n appeal here in the Derry Journal for information on an old photograph led to a nice surprise for our own reporter Laurence McClenaghan this week.

A number of people contacted him to share their memories of the picture but when his granny’s cousin Marie Corbett asked him to visit he was intrigued.

Marie said: “The bad news is all but one of the people in the picture are dead. The good news is that the last one living is your granny!”

Turns out the photograph, discovered in a box at the Creggan Snooker Club during their move to the Rath Mor Shopping Centre, was taken at the wedding of Eileen McCarron to Canadian sailor Barney Barnaby. The scene was the Bishop Street home of Marie’s uncle Jimmy Quigley. Among those in the wedding party is an eight- or nine-year-old Mary Harkin - now 78-year- old Mary McClenaghan of Rathkeele Way. The young girl is pictured seventh from the right of the picture.

Marie Corbett has identified many others, including the parents of the bride, Emma and Johnny (nickname Bruce) McCarron and the Quigley sisters Anna, Joey, Mary and Chrissie. Marie believes the best man, on the groom’s right, was called Ben. Marie has also identified bridesmaid Sally Maguire.

Laurence said: “My great -grandmother died when my granny was young and she was taken in by Tinie Doherty, who is seen with her arm around Granny. It’s a lovely image.”

You can see the pic at