Welcome for city’s new footpath upgrades

Local councillors have welcomed the upgrading of footpaths in a number of areas of the city.

Footpath replacement schemes have been carried out in the Creggan and Waterside areas of the city by DRD Road Service.

Sinn Féin councillor Kevin Campbell congratulated Road Service for replacing footpaths in the Rathlin Drive area of Creggan and said that local residents had been calling for the move for some time.

“In January the footpaths in the Rathlin Drive area were left in a very a bad state following the extreme bad weather conditions. Many of the footpaths were broken, uneven and in a dangerous condition. It was causing great difficulty for residents with mobility problems and anyone pushing a pram,” he said.

Colr. Campbell said he is pleased the work has been carried out ahead of winter. “I convened a meeting between residents and DRD officials to see if we could find a resolution to this problem. Following that meeting they agreed to source funding to ensure that the work would be carried out as speedily as possible.

“I am pleased that work has now taken place well in advance of the winter. DRD have assured me that the work on the footpaths it be finished by the end of the week,” he said.

Waterside SDLP councillor Martin Reilly also welcomed footpath improvements in the Knockdara Park area of Chapel Road. “The steps and pavements in Knockdara Park were in bad need of repair and these positive improvements for the residents of Knockdara Park follow on from improved street lighting which I had also pressed Roads Service for earlier this year,” he said.

Colr. Reilly paid tribute to Road Service for responding to the concerns of local residents.

“I want to thank Roads Service officials for carrying out these improvements in advance of the onset of dark evenings and the slippery and frosty weather,” he said.