Welcome for compulsory dog micro chipping

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A move to introduce compulsory dog chipping in the north has been welcomed in Derry.

Sinn Fein councillor Colly Kelly says the changes to the law will address many concerns around dogs.

His comments come after Agriculture Minister Michelle O’Neill announced that as of April 9 a dog must be micro chipped in order for a valid dog licence to be obtained.

“While the vast majority of dog owners are responsible and will have no opposition to any new powers there are unfortunately those who continue to abuse the system and do not adequately look after their dogs,” Mr Kelly says.

“Unfortunately on a regular basis we see news of dog attacks on children or other people ‘ s dogs. There is a well-known list of dangerous dogs but the reality is any dog can be a dangerous dog if it is not controlled, trained properly or kept under adequate supervision by the owner.

“Today’s announcement on by Agriculture Minister Michelle O’Neill that there will be the compulsory micro chipping of dogs from 9 April 2012 will hopefully address many of those concerns.”