What are YOUR ideas for City of Culture 2013?

A one-day conference taking place at the end of the month invites local community and art organisations, local artists and cultural stakeholders to come along and share their ideas about how best to celebrate Derry’s City of Culture year.

The ‘Your 2013: What’s the Big Idea?’ conference, organised by the Culture Company in partnership with Derry City Council’s Community Relations Officers, will take place on Wednesday, October 26, at the White Horse Hotel and aims to stimulate imaginative ideas and creative thinking on how art and culture can be used to explore the major themes of 2013 - ‘Joyous Celebration’ and ‘Purposeful Inquiry.’

Some questions which the conference will pose are:

* What are the new stories that the citizens of the walled city wish to tell the world?

* How do we capture and communicate these stories through creative art?

* How can we collectively mark the 400th anniversary of the building of the city walls?

* How can we use the architectural landmarks of the city as a canvas for cultural events in 2013?

* What creative responses can we generate to the legacy of the past?

The one-day conference will feature a series of workshops on the themes of 2013 at which everyone in attendance will have an opportunity to put forward ideas, share perspectives and develop joined-up approaches to projects.

Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive of Culture Company, said: “2013 offers unique opportunities to explore the history and shared heritage of this city and tell a new story to the world. Culture Company is seeking ambitious ideas that will ignite the imagination and inspire creativity in every community in the city.”

The event is free of charge and scheduled to take place from 9.15am - 3.15pm. Advance registration is required and the maximum number of places per group is two. To register for the conference each participant must complete a registration form which is available from Sue Divin, Good Relations Officer at Derry City Council, telephone: 71. 345160 or email: sue.divin@derrycity.gov.uk.

Completed registration forms must be returned no later than Monday, October 17, to Brian Anthony as indicated on the form.

Please note that places cannot be held unless registration forms are returned. For more information on whats happening in UK City of Culture 2013 visit: www.cityofculture2013.com