When the Bogside Spinster met the Carndonagh Stud

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It promises to be the naughtiest, funniest, craziest play of 2016, Derry playwright Brian Foster has done it again.

Fresh from the success of the hilarious ‘From the Camp to the Creggan’ Foster is back with his newest creation - When the Bogside Spinster Met the Carndonagh Stud.

The play opens in the Millennium Forum on November 16 but tickets are already on sale and selling fast.

Get in quick because the first 250 tickets come with a free copy of the DVD Maire, A Woman of Derry, featuring Carmel McCafferty’s last ever performance as the city’s most famous alcoholic.

The man who penned some of Derry’s most epic plays has spent the last year penning his new masterpiece.

And he’s looking forward to seeing the audience’s reaction as Gerry Doherty takes the lead in his first female role.

“A major new twist is casting top Derry actor, Gerry Doherty, to play the lead part of the frustrated Bogside spinster/ virgin, Mary Coyle,” said Brian. “This will be Gerry’s first outing as a woman … or so he claims! “The story is hilarious, bawdy and quite outrageous, Definitely not one for the easily shocked or offended. But I’m sure my regular audience (including my strong Donegal following) will love it.”

The action takes place in a crumbling old house down in Derry’s Bogside. Aged 43, spinster Mary Coyle is still a virgin...albeit a reluctant one...a desperate one! Then, at a dance in The Embassy ballroom, she meets the man of her dreams, Donegal bachelor and ‘legendary Carndonagh stud, Patsy McDaid, (Pat Lynch). Soon, sex is sizzling on the Coyle household living room sofa, fingers fumbling, underpants dropping, bra straps twanging. But Patsy McDaid is a man with a secret...and he’s not the only one...

Looking back on his first ever professional production in 1999 The Butterfly of Killybegs Brian said:

“It’s a terrific story with buckets of laughs and some fantastic twists and turns. With When The Bogside Spinster Met The Carndonagh Stud, what I’ve done is, I’ve taken the bones of The Butterfly and added some spicy new flesh to them. I’ve changed about 80% of the dialogue, moved the entire story to Derry in the ‘swinging 60s’, and strengthened the Donegal interest.

“The cast comprises Gerry Doherty, Carmel McCafferty, Pat Lynch, Rachel Melaugh and Shaunsy Coyle. All of whom were in my last play, From The Camp To The Creggan, and all of whom are terrific actors. I work with only the very best of local talent. Over the years I have built up a very loyal following for which I am truly grateful. People know that when they come to see a Brian Foster play they will experience a top quality production, with great storyline and laughter all the way. The days of village hall grade productions on Derry stages are a thing of the past. Or should be.

“So will this play measure up? Yes, I think it will. It has more twists and turns than an Agatha Christie whodunit. More belly-laughs than possibly any other play I’ve written. Upon reading it for the first time, one of my cast members described it to me as ‘screamingly funny … and liable to get you run out of Derry’. I’ll take my chances.

“If you’re easily shocked or offended probably best to avoid this one. Otherwise, grab a ticket now for the naughtiest, funniest, craziest play of 2016! Book Online: www.millenniumforum.co.uk or ring 71264455.