‘Where are the cranes?’

Gerard McCleave, Ilex, Director of Strategy.
Gerard McCleave, Ilex, Director of Strategy.

Derry Trade Union Council (D.T.U.C.) have said that serious questions need to be asked about how Derry’s regeneration plan is being managed.

In a statement released exclusively to the Sunday Journal, the D.T.U.C. question the performance of regeneration company Ilex, insisting, that Derry “deserves better”.

“Whilst regeneration companies in England are engaged at the heart of city regeneration there is a constant stream of complaints from stakeholders in Derry that Ilex do not consult or engage with them,” said a D.T.U.C. spokesperson.

“The engine behind the ‘One Plan’ should be the regeneration company Ilex who once were on record as saying that they should be judged by the amount of cranes involved in building work.

“Where are the cranes? What exactly are they doing?.”

The ‘One Plan’ was launched in Derry in 2011

The plan sets out to create 12,900 extra jobs in Derry before 2020.

“How many jobs have Ilex created since June 2011 and what is the total amount of capital investment?” the spokesman asked.

“Ilex has gone through four chief executives. Derry deserves better and our politicians have rightly asked questions and made similar points but together with the City Council they need to take ownership of regeneration and insist that we start to see real results.”

Gerard McCleave, Director of Strategy for Ilex, said whilst he agreed with D.T.U.C. that Derry’s regeneration hinged on job creation he insisted Ilex, are working hard to deliver on the promises in the ‘One Plan’.

“Ilex has helped to bring many things to Derry.

“If it wasn’t for Ilex there would be no City of Culture. The Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness, said himself at the launch of the Science Park at Fort George that the Executive has committed over half a billion to Derry and the North West.”

He added: “I agree with the D.T.U.C. that in order to regenerate Derry more jobs have to be created.

“That’s what Ilex and other organisations in Derry are trying to do.

“No one organisation can deliver regeneration on its own and that’s why we are working closely with many organisations in the city.

“Ilex is as determined and as focused as ever to deliver on its promises for Derry,” said Mr. McCleave.