Who are you voting for? - Aaron McDaid

Next to tell us who he is voting for and why is politics student, Aaron McDaid, from the Waterside.

Q - Who are you voting for and why are you voting for them on May 7?

Aaron McDaid

Aaron McDaid

“I will be voting for Gearóid Ó hEára and Sinn Fein.

“The reason I will be voting for Gearóid Ó hEára is because I think the city needs a new champion and I believe he is a candidate with a proven track record. He’s also someone who will make the expansion at Magee University an absolute priority.

“I also know that Gearóid Ó hEára is working on pairing Magee University with Berkeley University in America which I think will work as an opportunity to bring real economic growth and jobs to this city.

“Equality is a fundamental principle of republicanism and Sinn Fein, along with Gearóid Ó hEára, have been at the forefront of driving home the debate on this issue both in the North and South of Ireland. Only a vote for Sinn Fein, I believe, will secure those fundamental principles.

“I believe in the fresh and new thinking of Sinn Fein. I believe in equality so that’s why I will be voting for Gearóid Ó hEára on May 7.”