Who are you voting for? - Charlie Douglas

The final voter to take part in our ‘Who are you voting for?’ series is 18 year-old St. Columb’s College student, Charlie Douglas, who will be voting for the first time on May 7.

Q - Who are you voting for and why are you voting for them on May 7?

Charlie Douglas.

Charlie Douglas.

“I am going to be voting for Mark Durkan of the SDLP because as a young person and as a student I feel my generation has been let down by austerity coming from Westminster. I believe we need a very strong voice to fight against austerity and fight for projects that I am very passionate about, like the expansion of Magee, more infrastructure for Derry and more jobs.

“I think we need a man like Mark who still stand up for the issues that matter to Derry people.

“As a young person I remember when the Saville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday was unveiled at the Guildhall. I remember watching Mark Durkan stand up inside the chamber in the House of Commons and deliver our message to the British government - I felt tremendously proud and I am very proud to be voting for Mark Durkan on May 7.”