Who are you voting for? - Elaine Doherty

The second ‘Journal’ reader to tell us who they will be voting for and why on May 7 is 49 year-old psychologist, Elaine Doherty, from Culmore.

Q - Who are you voting for and why are you voting for them on May 7?

Elaine Doherty.

Elaine Doherty.

“I am going to be voting for Mark Durkan on May 7. I am voting for Mark because I like his direct and straightforward approach to representation. I think he is a very hard-working parliamentarian who has represented his constituents very well over many years at Westminster and hopefully he will continue to do so.

“I think Mark is Derry’s voice at Westminster. He is a politician with integrity, a dedicated decent family man who is dependable and I think he is a safe pair of hands to represent all of us on an equal basis.

“I think Mark has consistently supported human rights and understands societal needs at a local level and at a global level as well. I think he is a trustworthy politician and is proven that he is more than capable of representing his constituents.

“I also like that Mark doesn’t engage very much in memory politics; he’s not interested in stalemates and stand-offs but instead, he endeavours to address the political paralysis we are experiencing at the moment and he does this through the use of definitive policies, representation and engagement at Westminster.”