Wile Man & The Players launch debut album tonight

Wile man's debut album 'The Antidote'. (1612JC2)
Wile man's debut album 'The Antidote'. (1612JC2)

Derry’s premier Rap artist, Wile Man, will launch his debut album ‘The Antidote’ tonight at Sandinos Back Bar, with his full band The Players and a host of extra-special guests.

With a variety of genres covered, the line-up for tonight’s musical extravaganza includes vocalists Glenn Rosborough and Gilly St. John, DJs Dollface, Dermot McGowan’s Slaughterbrains and DJ Intensive Cairns.

“After a previous show in Sandinos, Rory Donaghy invited us up to the Blast Furnace studios to record the album,” Eaman Craig, AKA Wile Man told the ‘Journal’. “All the songs are off the cuff, there’s a freedom in what we play. I like having a voice that represents people, that ticks a lot of boxes of things that people go through in life.”

“The feedback to the music has been really positive. This is a new album and it really speaks for itself.

“While there’s lots of local stuff on there, there are also a lot of songs of an international quality that’ll hopefully sell well enough on iTunes.

“I hope to tour Ireland with the album and play live more regularly, pushing it with the live performances. Meeting people face to face tends to get people interested too.”

“The final hour of the launch will be a game called Buzz DJ,” Eaman reveals.

“I’ve bought an old siren and we’ll have DJs playing three songs each and if the siren sounds, it goes to the next DJ and so on. It will be a crowd pleasing dance floor battle - a melodic musical mystery!

“It always helps to push the barriers and make things more craic! Well, that’s the plan anyway”

Wile Man and The Players, who are Gary Cunningham on guitar, Paul Palliser on drums, Dominic O’Callaghan on keys, will launch The Antidote tonight at Sandinos Back Bar. A big crowd is expected so be sure to get there early. Doors open at 9.30pm and admission is a cool £5.