Woman (56) assaulted female at barbecue

A 56-year-old woman who assaulted a female while attending a summer barbecue in Limavady and subsequently assaulted and resisted police, has avoided being sent to jail.

Tuesday, 12th April 2016, 11:53 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th April 2016, 11:57 am
Limavady Courthouse
Limavady Courthouse

Appearing at Limavady Magistrate’s Court last Wednesday was Jeanette Hilda Graham.

The court heard on June 30th last year, police were called to Gorteen Crescent in Limavady regarding a report of a female being assaulted.

There was a large crowd at the scene when police arrived.

The ambulance service was also on scene and the injured party was being treated by paramedics.

The court heard the injured party claimed the defendant had pulled her hair and banged her head off the ground.

The court was told the injured party was bleeding and was left with a laceration that measured one-inch long.

Police went to speak with Graham who, they said, was heavily intoxicated.

When she was arrested, the court heard Graham said: “Black b*******”.

Graham was then placed in the rear of a police vehicle.

Graham pushed back and then lunged forward with her left leg and kicked an officer in the ribs.

Graham was subsequently arrested for assault on a police officer.

The court heard Graham denied the allegation in an interview.

Graham also denied pushing the injured party, but she accepted she had banged her head.

A defence solicitor described the incident as “unsavoury.”

The solicitor said, on this occasion, a barbecue had been held and drink had been taken by all parties.

However, the solicitor said it was “not an excuse” for Graham, whose address was given on court documents as Duke Street, Derry.

In sentencing - for the offences of disorderly behaviour, resisting a police officer, assault on a police officer and common assault on a female - District Judge Liam McNally imposed a four-month jail sentence, suspended for two years.

District Judge Liam McNally also ordered Graham to pay £100 compensation to the victim.