Woman’s anger after case stolen from bus’s boot

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A Derry woman has spoken of her anger after her suitcase was stolen from the bus she was travelling in from Dublin.

Sandra Montgomery said she is extremely angry at losing her possessions which were in the boot of a bus she was travelling in on November 14.

The Strathfoyle woman told the ‘Journal’ she got on the bus in Dublin City centre at 6 p.m. The bus then travelled to Dublin airport to pick up more passengers before heading for Derry.

However when she disembarked at Foyle Street and checked the hold her suitcase was missing.

“At first I thought someone else had taken my case and they would come back,” she said. “But there was no other case in the boot. I left my details with the driver and thought it would be sorted by the weekend.”

Sandra said she has made numerous calls to Translink about the missing case but has heard nothing.

She added that she has reported the matter to the police.

Sandra said it’s suspected the case may have been stolen in Dublin Airport however CCTV from the airport would have to be examined.

“I made a claim for the case,” she said. “But I’ve been told today that I won’t be compensated.

“If my case had flown out of the boot on the way down I’d be compensated, but not for theft.

“I’m really angry. Everyone puts their case in the boot. There would be no room for passengers if we all started putting our cases on.

“You never think that some brute is going to steal your case when you put it in the bus’s boot. Thank God I had taken my medication out and put it in my handbag.”

The Derry woman said that the case contained her clothes, expensive shoes and insoles that she bought specially for her feet and make up.

The Journal has contacted Translink and are awaiting a response.