Woman ‘terrified’ by attack at home

Dawn McCloskey was left terrified by the attack.
Dawn McCloskey was left terrified by the attack.
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A Derry mother has said she is ‘terrified’ in her own home after she was subjected to a ‘vicious assault’ in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Dawn McCloskey has been left with broken fingers and ‘bruised and battered from head to toe’ after the assault which took place outside the back door of her home in the Oldbridge area of the Waterside.

She explained what happened: “I was in bed and there were six children in the house whose ages ranged from 20 down to four.

“I woke up and thought I heard someone at my car but when I looked out I couldn’t see anything so thought it was just my imagination.

“I lay there for a while but couldn’t sleep and thought I would go outside for a smoke as I wouldn’t smoke indoors with the children here.”

The 40-year-old mother continued: “I was closing the back door very quietly so as not to waken the children when I was grabbed by the hair and my head was banged off a wall.

“I then went down and these two fellas, I guess they were in their mid twenties started kicking and punching me.

“I can remember seeing a boot coming straight for my face and I put my hand up to stop it and that is how my fingers were broken.

“I only gt a glimpse of the two and they were both wearing hoodies and tracksuit bottoms.

“As I was close to passing out I heard one of them say ‘run’ and they left me lying there.”

. They told me to go back in and lock the door.

“I was able to crawl back into the house but couldn’t lock the door but the police arrived shortly afterwards.”

Dawn McCloskey said that the police responded promptly but she was surprised that they did not seem to follow up by checking her car for fingerprints or talking to any of the neighbours.

She added: “I haven’t seen the police since and then I heard that a house just up from mine was broken in to on Thursday night.

“It is possibly the same people and they could have been in my garden again last night.”

The 40-year-old mother described her assault as ‘vicious’ and her assailants as ‘cowards.’

She said: “When I came out I had my back to them they could have run away but instead they attacked a woman at her own door.”

The Derry mother said she is badly bruised and is walking with the aid of crutches as well as having the injury to her hand.

She said: “I have lived here most of my life and now I am terrified in my own home because of the actions of these thugs and cowards.”