Work on city sewers to continues at night

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Work relaying sewers on the verge of collapse under Derry city centre will continue at night this week and next.

NI Water commenced work on the project in Bishop Street Within at the start of the month and said it doesn’t expect the project to be completed until the end of next week at the earliest.

Extensive investigation works, which were carried out last year identified that the sewer under Bishop Street Within was in very poor condition.

Having assessed the situation the utility company decided it was necessary to relay the section as soon as possible.

However, whilst it had originally intended carrying out the work during the day, this proved impossible.

“This section of work was initially planned to be undertaken during daytime hours, however due to restrictions caused by the number of existing services, this sewer now needs to be replaced along the original line and will necessitate night time work,” a spokesperson explained.

“Detailed traffic management arrangements have been discussed with TransportNI and the work has been programmed during evening/night time hours which will also minimise disruption to businesses, road users and the public.

“In order to carry out the work safely, it will be necessary to have a temporary road closure in place during night-time hours and a diversion route will be clearly signposted. There will be some parking restrictions in the vicinity of the works. Vehicular access will be maintained for residents where possible and pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.

“The works will be carried out Monday - Thursday nights between 7pm and 7am, with all traffic restrictions being removed prior to 7am.

“We will do everything within our means to keep noise levels to a minimum during the late evening and night-time work, and where possible will carry out the most disruptive work prior to 11pm,” the spokesperson added.

Customer queries regarding this project should be directed to Waterline on 03457 440088, quoting “KI536 Inner Walls Public Realm Sewers, Derry/Londonderry”