Workhouse dead to be remembered

The Newtown Limavady Union Workhouse opened for business on 15th March 1842.

The complex continued to function as a Workhouse until it became the District hospital in 1936; the remaining inmates were transferred to Coleraine Union Workhouse!

The grisly history of the workhouse is well documented, and even though Limavady was not the worst; in the darkest days over 10 people each week were dying in ‘the house’. The majority of the dead will have been buried in the adjoining pauper’s graveyard on Scroggy Rd.

Damien Corr is the Manager of LCDI who currently own the former hospital/Workhouse. He says that there must be over one thousand people buried on the site and that these people would have been from right across the Roe Valley.

Since taking over the site in 1998, LCDI have led a simple ‘service’ commemorating the dead of the Workhouse.

This year the service will take place on 15th March at 1.00pm, 169 years to the day that the Workhouse opened.

Anyone can attend and there will be refreshments at Robertson’s cafeteria in the Roe Valley Hospital. Please call Karen on 028 777 69160 to confirm your attendance.