Workshop in Greysteel to save ‘the last red squirrels’

Call to the save the north's last red squirrels.
Call to the save the north's last red squirrels.

Ulster Wildlife is launching a recruitment drive for volunteers to help save Northern Ireland’s last red squirrels.

The surveys start on 2 March and the organisation is calling for volunteers in the North West to help monitor squirrels in their area, so we can help target their conservation efforts. A workshop will be held in the Vale Centre in Greysteel this Thursday at 7.00 pm for anyone interested in taking part.

Volunteers are needed to help protect red squirrels, as part of community-based teams gathering information about squirrel populations. Tasks include reporting of grey squirrels moving into areas which are strongholds for red squirrels.

The larger, non-native greys are a major reason for the reds decline.

To report a squirrel sighting, visit or email