Writer shows love for Inishowen!

Bridget Moir with her brother Stephen Joyce's book, Golden Days in Donegal. 0309MG02
Bridget Moir with her brother Stephen Joyce's book, Golden Days in Donegal. 0309MG02
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A popular Scottish writer who “fell in love with Inishowen” is donating the proceeds of his Donegal book to a local Resource Centre.

Stephen Joyce’s book Golden Days in Donegal, which he wrote under the encouragement of his sister Bridget, tells the story of how he and his family would travel on the Derry boat every year to his mother’s homeland of Whitecastle, Quigley’s Point.

Golden Days in Donegal explores the family’s 12 hour “rough” journey from Glasgow on the ‘old Scotch boat’ to Derry port and how they and hundreds of others would board awaiting buses to take them to different areas throughout Inishowen.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ yesterday, Stephen’s sister, Bridget Moir, who now lives in Moville full-time, explained how they were “fascinated” by the green fields of Ireland.

“We were coming from the industrial city of Glasgow so Inishowen was somewhere completely different to us. We had never even seen hens before! My grandmother’s house didn’t have electricity or running water.

“I remember how me and Stephen would sit up and listen to the people meeting in the house for ceilis and storytelling. It was surreal, but it was around there we realised we fell in love with Inishowen and then we came back every year after that.”

Ever proud of her brother’s book, Bridget approached Stephen to ask him to donate the books to the Moville Resource Centre to help promote the book and raise money for the local cause.

“The book has been out a number of years now, and it was very successful at the time. His book launch was here in Moville, in McNamara’s Hotel [now Caiseal Mara] and it got great feedback from people, but unfortunately Stephen’s wife has not been well recently and he has not been able to promote the book properly.

“This gave me the idea about selling in the Family Resource Centre in Moville, allowing them to gain the proceeds from whatever sells we make. It is for sale there and I will be there on St. Patrick’s Day as well if anyone wants to ask any questions about the book.”

A big fan of the Resource Centre, Bridget regularly takes parts in their outings and activities.

“I think the Family Resource Centre is an amazing place. I take part in a Walk and Talk group every Tuesday morning at 10:30am along with 30 other women, and we’re even off to the Millennium Forum tomorrow night to see a comedy play. There is lots of different groups and events going on there,” explained Bridget.