‘You take your life in your hands over lack of footpaths’

Galliagh community worker Dee Quigley  DER0214JM019
Galliagh community worker Dee Quigley DER0214JM019

Residents of Thorndale are “up in arms” over the lack of footpaths in the area, a local community activist has said.

Dee Quigley says residents are taking their lives in their hands by walking on the road to get to their destinations.

“This is an issue that needs to be addressed,” said the local Independent candidate in the forthcoming council elections.

“I have myself witnessed the dangers. People ultimately are walking on the road.

“I have seen one elderly person walking down the side of the road pushing an oxygen tank, cars passing just inches from him.

“It needs to be sorted soon before someone is hit with a car,” Mr Quigley told the ‘Journal’.