Young father fears for saftey of baby son

The Rockmills Housing Scheme, Strand Road. (DER0715MC052)
The Rockmills Housing Scheme, Strand Road. (DER0715MC052)

A young Derry father feels he can no longer stay in his flat in Rockmills because of fears for the safety of his infant son.

The man, who does not want to be named, said he moved into a flat in Rockmills at the beginning of last year and claims despite reporting “countless” incidents of alleged criminal activity to members of staff “nothing has been done about it”.

“As soon as I moved into Rockmills the trouble started. A group of men started kicking at my door one night. I think they were on drugs.

“I’ve found used needles and other drug taking equipment in the halls outside my flat.

“I’ve reported it to OakleeTrinity countless times but nothing has been done about it.”

OakleeTrinity Housing Association took over the Rockmills scheme several years ago and after The Derry Journal ran a story last week about the experience of several residents living in Rockmills we were inundated with messages from people who lived there in the past and from people who still live there.

“When I got the flat in the beginning I was really looking forward to it because it was my chance to knuckle down and start providing for my young son. Rockmills has become so bad that not only do I fear for my own safety I am terrified that something awful is going to happen to my little boy. It’s just not on. I have reported what is going on so many times to the OakleeTrinity staff on site but they do nothing about it.

“If you think that’s bad then get this, there have been many times when I went looking for a member of staff and I couldn’t find anyone. Sometimes they don’t even bother turning up for their shift.”

The young father is so terrified about what could happen to him in his flat that he has had to move back into the family with his parents.

“It’s not an ideal situation but it’s what I have to do until I get a move away from Rockmills. I am not perfect, no one is but to expect human beings to live in a place where they are scared and can never know what is going to happen next is just terrible.

“I wouldn’t wish Rockmills on my worst enemy - it really is that bad,” he said.

The Derry Journal contacted OakleeTrinity Housing Association to ask them if they had any plans to assess their security arrangements at Rockmills as a result of the recent allegations made in last week’s paper.

“OakleeTrinity are currently reviewing the security arrangements at the scheme as tenants’ safety and the right to peaceful enjoyment of their property is of paramount importance,” the spokesperson said.