Young protestants’ views are sought

An event will take place next week to gauge the views of young Derry protestants to promote a shared sense of belonging in the city.

The Gateway to Protestant Participation (GPP) is hosting a discussion forum for young people aged 15-18 years on Thursday 24th March 2011, in the Everglades Hotel from 10am. It aims to hear the views and opinions of young protestants growing up in the North West.

The purpose of the Youth Discussion forum is to bring together young protestants from across the region to discuss what it is like to grow up in the North West.

Spokesperson William Lamrock said “This discussion forum will give protestant young people an opportunity to come together and discuss what it is like to grow up in an area where they are a minority community. We have invited children from schools in the controlled sector to come along and participate in the event.

“All the young people attending will have the opportunity to discuss and explore issues related to and their experiences of being a young person from a minority religious community. We will be looking at shared spaces and contentious symbols, attitudes to politics and politicians, access to education, safe and shared access to services and sectarianism and sport. We want to hear the challenges young people and how they believe we can create a shared future. All the information gathered will be used to input into future programmes for young protestants

The GPP is a strategic programme designed to encourage the participation of the protestant community by promoting a shared sense of belonging and addressing issues of marginalisation and tackling attitudes to racism and sectarianism, at a local level in the North West Peace III Cluster area.