An open letter to Alex Attwood

“Crescent Link” – Mixed Use Development Scheme:-Hotel, Private Healthcare Facility, Cinema, Hi-tech Office Accommodation, Retail (conditioned) ~ Appx 1500 jobs.

On the behalf of the many key stakeholders of Derry, can I say how much we welcomed your statement of the 21st December, confirming your intentions to support only those planning applications that can bring major economic benefits to our city that at the same time protects and enhances our existing town centre. The recent news however, about the original company behind the Crescent Link Masterplan having been put into administration by Ulster Bank, has caused much alarm and confusion as to how the application can be dealt with by your Planning Department.

Our greatest concern is to understand how an administrator can possibly honour the commitments to invest in the town centre and the promises made by the original developer to the local community with whom he has engaged in recent years.

Those explicit commitments and promises were the basis upon which we were prepared to support the Crescent Link Project. Any application that does not promise such commitments does not have our support.

The original developer’s proposals offered a one off chance to bring major private investment to the city centre at a time when it is so badly needed. Such an approach is we believe the correct and balanced approach to planning for the city as a whole. We would like to take this opportunity of asking that your policy does not deviate from your statement of the 21st December.

We are depending on you as our Planning Minister to make the best decisions that will protect and enhance the vitality of our Town Centre for generations to come and very much hope the wider benefits especially town centre investment previously promised in association with this proposal, can be safe guarded in the best possible interests of our city.


Declan Hasson, Luke Hasson,

Austins of The Diamond,