Another ‘C Company’


A letter some time ago compared RAAD to Johnny Adair’s ‘C Company’. And that was close, as these thugs don’t in any way deserve to be called republicans, despite what they would like people to think.

It’s amazing the similarities these groups have to each other. Even their leaders have the same body profile: short and bald, enhanced biceps and when questioned about something the answer is, “I will personally blow their heads off”. Just like Johnny a man can be built like a bulldog but when alone he is just another little lamb like his foot-soldiers.

It’s when these men have the backing of some weapons that they become he-men, threatening anyone who dares to question them.

They’re running around in their top of the range cars even though they don’t work, or in some cases are in low income or part-time employment. How is this?

As the fire in Sean Dolan’s has proven, these people tried to intimidate regular members and patrons of the club but they were shown what to do with their bully boy tactics. They can deny all they want but the truth is that even the dogs in the street know it was their foot soldiers.

If one examines the new footage on the net, it would make you wonder has the RUC something to hide, an agent or two among their ranks, which would be no surprise to anyone who knows anything about the background to these people. To me it clearly shows the tiles above the gas bottle compound have been tampered with at the very location where they were caught on video.

I’m shocked the greater Republican family has not kicked these people into touch to do the people of Derry/North West a favour - or do we have to wait until someone is killed?



They deserve the same fate as Adair and his cronies who personally speaking I think got off light, disband or be disbanded and give the decent people of, or community some peace and quiet and crawl back into the sewer that over-spilled and produced everyone of you.

The people of Derry and the North West deserve better so don’t be afraid to confront thse scumbags and question them thanks.

Name and address supplied