Baby for a former priest


I am sitting here with last Friday’s Journal reading about the heaviest child in the history of a Japanese hospital being born to a former Derry priest. I have now moved my eyes from the story to the picture showing doting dad, Kevin Duddy, with baby Shota Patrick. Back to the story again where your reporter gives the statistics, father’s height and baby’s length and weight, which is very interesting.

But as an ordinary layman how I would love to see the day when I would be looking at a proud priest doting over his baby instead of a former priest. Where would you see anything more natural or Christian? I was going to use the word human but decided against it. For every animal breathing air or water on land or sea is as proud as punch and happy when they see their offspring. Why in the name of God can we not extend that Christian happiness to every human being, whatever their occupation or profession?


Co. Derry reader,

Name and address supplied.