Big stores cost


I read in the paper over the weekend that two major supermarkets in England have brought doctors surgeries into their shops.What is left for them to sell next?

A television programme during the week showed N. Ireland has the highest number of empty city centre shops.

Derry is one of the worst towns in N Ireland for empty city centre shops. Would someone explain to me why so many of our elected representatives are trying to bring even more large multiples to the outskirts of the town at vastly reduced rates compared to the town centre. At this moment there are plans for one shop at each end of the town.

Am I missing something? These same multiples have destroyed town centres all over England and yet many of our leaders seem to be trying to help them open????

Perhaps one of them could explain to me their thinking!

It has been proved that for each multiple that opens there will be a net loss of 252 full-time jobs within a five mile radius.If we get two over 500 full-time jobs will go.

Enough is enough.


Eamonn Gee