Bridge already showing the stain


On Friday evening last, myself and a friend took the opportunity of a pleasant evening to explore the recently opened Peace Bridge and I must say that it exceeded all of our expectations, as we had watched it being built, in its architectural beauty and the location.

However, there was one low spot which I think must be highlighted.

Although the bridge had only been opened for six days, it was already showing signs of staining from dog faeces and sugar drinks, and the containers of the latter were scattered around liberally.

In addition, there were loose tissues, cigarette butts and other detritus which, quite honestly, detracted from the pleasure of the experience.

My friend and I were surprised not only by the way the the good citizens of Derry/Londonderry had allowed this situation to occur but also that there was a distinct absence of litter bins on or about the bridge.

I can imagine that, in the existing, fragile, political situation, a hesitation would have been felt in locating receptacles that could be used for dubious terrorist acts but I still feel that a greater effort might have been made to offer the public more facilities for the disposal of litter.

Apart from that rather negative slant, the bridge experience is one to be savoured, will no doubt enhance the standing of the Maiden City and will, hopefully, attract a plethora of tourists which can only be good for the whole community - both the Waterside and Cityside.

I do hope that this comment will be considered as I would hate to think of the city getting a less than complimentary reputation because of a grimy bridge.


A concerned Waterside resident

(Name and address supplied)