Complaining to the Trust


I made a complaint to the Western Health and Social Care Trust and received no acknowledgement or response for four months.

After two of those months had gone by, I contacted the Northern Ireland Social Care Council, who kindly contacted the Trust on my behalf and were assured action would be taken. The Trust did nothing until the NISCC contacted them again, two months later, at which point they offered to meet with me.

At the meeting, when I voiced my concern about mistakes that had been made, they responded and said they would follow up with a written response, to me and to a third party, the following week. I heard nothing and when I finally contacted them again five weeks later they sent me an e-mail with a scan of a letter, not on headed paper. There was no explanation for the delay.

I am angry about and disappointed with how my concerns have been treated. I would ask the WHSCT - what will you do to ensure that complaints are responded to and followed up without delay? Unless you ensure that your staff are genuinely accountable, public confidence in the service you claim to provide is impossible.


‘Poor effort’