Consign these inhuman laws to history’s dustbin


I was moved and greatly encouraged by your reporter Catherine Doran’s recent article in the Derry Journal (Tuesday, January 15) about Marie Fleming and the Dublin High Court’s ruling denying her the fundamental human right to die with dignity.

Given that Catherine, like Marie, has MS, she speaks with some authority on the subject, but more importantly, she speaks with humanity, unlike the so-called system of justice under which we live.

I believe that these judgements are based more on narrow religious perceptions and beliefs rather than on any essential human rights of vulnerable people to protection from abuse or manipulation.

These laws are directly influenced by a dominant religious ethos and philosophy and reflect religion’s inhuman and contemptuous view of human nature, which is undervalued in favour of some immortal or spiritual other world.

In other words, life is sacred and must be endured, if not enjoyed, no matter how painful or intolerable.

However, for as long as people are capable of the level of courage shown by Marie Fleming, and for as long as people like Catherine have the courage and humanity to speak out in her support, there will be hope that these inhuman laws and the narrow religious views that give life to them, will eventually be consigned to history’s dustbin where they belong.

Thank you for your excellent article Catherine, and I wish you a wealth of health and a long and happy life.


William White,

21 Thorndale,